Doctoral Student Forum (DSF)

This Doctoral Student Forum (DSF) will be held in the conjunction with GCCCE 2022, aiming to provide an opportunity for doctoral students to present, discuss and receive feedback on their work-in-progress research from their peers and a panel of established researchers in the related areas. All accepted submissions will be published in the GCCCE 2022 Doctoral Student Forum proceedings.

The DSF has three major components: short lecture, presentation and discussion, and private mentoring session. The first two components are open to all registered GCCCE 2022 participants and the last component only allows the students who have their DSF paper accepted and the DSF chairs and mentors to participate.

In the short lecture, different topics upon availability and time limitation like how to create an elevator pitch and how to prepare a high-quality journal paper would be delivered for students. Students will present their research progress in front of a panel of mentors and DSF audience and they will be required to answer questions from the audience and the mentors. They will also receive immediate feedback and recommendations from the mentors. At the end, in the private mentoring session, students will be matched to mentors according to their work’s research area and mentors’ expertise. They will have opportunity to discuss in more details on their research directions, potential changes and improvements, contributions, publication venues, and even their academic life plan with mentors on the one-on-one basis in private.

DSF also encourages and looks forward to seeing the student and the mentor to work and collaborate further on the follow-up research publication and dissemination so their relationship can be continued for many, many years!

The DSF is organized to bring together doctoral students working in the following areas:

  • Learning Sciences & Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Mobile, Ubiquitous & Contextual Learning
  • Joyful Learning, Educational Games & Digital Toys
  • Technology in Higher Education & Adult Learning, and Teachers’ Professional Development
  • Technology-Enhanced Language and Humanities Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence in Education & Smart Learning Environments
  • Learning Analytics & Assessments
  • STEM & Maker Education
  • Educational Technology: Innovations, Policies & Practice

Students should only submit the work in which they are primary investigators/contributors. The work can be in any phase in a research path like conceptual idea and plan, theoretical model, app/system/tool/instrument development, evaluation/assessment/experiment design, data collection and analysis, findings and discussion, and academic publication preparation. Students should not submit any work that has already been published in conference/journal.

According to the research topic, phase, and result an accepted DSF paper has, its student author may be invited to submit his or her extended and/or more completed paper to various publication venues, e.g., International Journal of Distance Education Technologies (indexed in ESCI, SCOPUS, EI, INSPEC, etc., ) and Bulletin of Technical Committee on Learning Technology (Open Access without article processing fee for authors, ESCI,  ).

Submission Requirements and Method

We welcome all interested doctoral students to submit their work related to the above themes to the DSF.


  • Cover (with the proposed thesis title, the supervisor name and his/her contact information, as well as the author’s name and contact information).
  • Thesis proposal (not more than 5 pages, aligning with the GCCCE paper format), including the following elements:
    • Research aim/ objectives
    • Research background
    • Research methodology
    • Current milestone of the research or the results attained so far
    • Upcoming work

The above two materials (Cover and Thesis Proposal) should be put in one PDF file for submission. All submissions should be done with EasyChair at

Important Dates:

Forum Paper Submission Deadline: 11 March 2021
Forum Paper Acceptance Notification: 01 April 2022
Forum Paper’s Camera-Ready Copy Due: 11 April 2022
Forum Authors Registration Due: 18 April 2022 (Early Bird Registration Due: 11 April 2022)

Proposal Submission:

Program committee

Executive Chair:

Zou Di, The Education University of Hong Kong


WONG Tak-Lam, Douglas College
LAM Wai Man Winnie, The Education University of Hong Kong
Chen Guanliang, Monash University


Anthony Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Baohui Zhang, Shaanxi Normal University
CHENG, Kwok Shing, The Education University of Hong Kong
Chiu-Lin Lai, National Taipei University of Education
Daner Sun, The Education University of Hong Kong
Fang, Felicia, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Fu Hong, The Education University of Hong Kong
Guandong Xu, University of Technology Sydney
Haoran Xie, Lingnan University
Jeff Tang, Hong Kong Productivity Council
Jerry Chih-Yuan Sun, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Jie Chi Yang, National Central University
Joseph So, The Hong Polytechnic University
Keith Lee, Hong Kong Metropolitan University
KOHNKE, Lucas, The Education University of Hong Kong
Lee Chien Sing, Sunway University
Maiga Chang, Athabasca University
Michael Ma, Douglas College
Qingke Fu, Huzhou University
Quanlong Guan, Jinan University
Raymond Pang, Swivel Software Ltd.
WU Junjie, Shenzhen Technology University
Yizhou Fan, University of Edinburgh
YU, Leung Ho Philip, The Education University of Hong Kong
Yuan Elle Wang, Arizona State University
Zhe Yang, Douglas College
Zhongmei Han, Zhejiang Normal University